Best Time Slot For Gir Safari

Patrick Murphy
February 26, 2024
Best Time Slot For Gir Safari

Best Time Slot For Gir Safari: Pick the best tour time when you’re planning your trip to Gir National Park to increase your chances of seeing the beautiful Asiatic lions and other animals. The park, which is in Gujarat, India, is the only place in the world where you can see the jungle king slot in its native habitat. Going on a Gir tour at the best time of the year to see wildlife will make the experience much better overall.

The best time for a Gir tour depends a lot on how the animals are acting and the weather. Travel experts and tour guides often say that the early morning period, which starts before dawn, is the best. You have a better chance of seeing many species, including the famous Asiatic lions, at this time of year because animals are usually more active.

When you go on an adventure early in the morning, the sun makes it more relaxing and fun. In the same way, the best time for a tour is late afternoon, just before dark. Since it’s getting cooler and getting close to dusk, this is a great time to watch wildlife and a good alternative to the morning slot.

Best Time Slot For Gir Safari

What is the best time for sighting the lions?

The winter season is the best time to visit Gir National Park which is between Decembers to march. During this time, the temperature is well suited to watch the deadly creatures and also ideal to perform various activities in the park-like jeep safari.

Lions are most busy in the early morning and late afternoon, which is the best time to watch them. Lions are more likely to be busy at this time of day because it is cooler outside. They may be hunting or patrolling their territories.

The hours right after morning are the best times to see lions.

Around this time, the lions are usually done with their nighttime tasks, like hunting or guarding, but you might still be able to see them before they go to sleep for the day.

Also, the beautiful light in the morning is great for taking pictures.

Late in the day or at night:

Late afternoon and early evening are the best times to see lions.

After sleeping through the hottest part of the day, the lions become more busy as the temperatures begin to drop.

Because they are getting ready for their midnight hunt, this is a great time to watch them in action.

Things to think about:

It is important to remember that the best time to see lions may change based on where you are and the weather.

In some places, like the African savannahs, the dry season can bring animals together around scarce water sources, which makes it easier to see lions.

Other animals, like scavengers or prey species, may also be around to warn you that lions are close.

Treks and tours with guides:

Going on safaris or tours led by skilled guards or guides will greatly improve your chances of seeing lions.

Because these workers know how lions act and move in the wild, they have a better chance of seeing these amazing animals.

What are the recommended hours for a Gir Safari to observe the most animal activity?

One of the most famous places in India where you can see the Asiatic cat is Gir National Park. If you want to go on a tour to see Gir’s unique wildlife, you need to make sure you plan your trip so that you can see the animals in their natural environment.

Safari first thing in the morning

Go on a Gir Safari early in the morning to see the animals. At about 6:30 am, safaris start in the park. If you go at this time, you’re more likely to see a variety of species. Animal lovers and photographers will find that the area is busiest in the early morning when animals are out hunting or looking for water.

Safari in the late afternoon.

A Gir Safari is also a great idea in the late afternoon. The park reopens at 3:00 pm for the twilight safari, which is another great chance to see animals in their native environment. Many animals become more busy as the day cools down, which is a great time for visitors to watch them as they go about their daily lives.

Important Things to Think About

Weather: You should think about the weather when you plan your trip. Animals tend to be more busy early in the morning and late in the afternoon during the hot summer months.

Crowd: If you go on safari early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can avoid the busiest times of the day with lots of other tourists. This will give you a more peaceful and fun time with animals.

How much does Gir safari cost per person?

One may get chance to see Asiatic Lion, leopards, and many other wild animals, birds & rich flora and fauna of Gir forest. Gir Jungle Trail Package Rate & persons allowed in one vehicle: INR 4500/- to 4800/- for Indians (Per Jeep) INR 12,000 to 15,000/- for Foreigners (Per Jeep)

The cost of a Gir safari for each person changes based on the type of safari, the season, and the tour company. Here is a full list of all the possible costs that come with a Gir safari:

Types of Gir Safari

It’s the Gypsy Safari that people love to go on in Gir National Park. A Gypsy tour usually costs between INR 800 and INR 1500 per person in India and between INR 4000 and INR 5000 per person from outside of India.

Canter Safari: Canter safaris are bigger cars that can fit more people. A Canter safari costs less than a Gypsy safari. For Indian citizens, it costs between INR 700 and INR 1200, and for people from other countries, it costs between INR 3500 and INR 4500.

Some extra costs

Fees to get in: National parks charge fees to get in on top of the tour fee. Indian citizens pay between INR 80 and INR 100, and foreigners pay between INR 800 and INR 1000. All of these prices change from time to time.

Guide Fees: Hiring a guide isn’t necessary, but it might make the trip more educational. Rates could be anywhere from INR 300 to INR 500 for each group.

Vehicle Fees: If you bring your car into the park, you may have to pay extra to do so.

Price Factors

Safari prices may change based on the time of year and the season. Weekends and holidays are often the busiest times, so that prices may be higher then.

Tour company: Prices may be different for each tour company based on the extras and packages they offer.

How much time is needed for Gir National Park?

A single safari rides is of 03 hours. There are thirteen designated routes for the jeep safari inside the Gir National Park and it is distributed randomly at the time making an entry at the gate. Each safari ride is accompanied by trained jeep driver and guide who are registered and approved with forest department.

Gir National Park in Gujarat, India, is thought to be the last safe place for the Asiatic cat. People who care about the environment and animals will love this park because it is home to many different kinds of plants and animals and is also a safe place for beautiful lions.

Looking into Gir National Park.

Most people who visit Gir National Park stay there for two or three days. The park makes sure that all kinds of visitors have a good time by giving them a wide range of activities and sights to choose from. If you want to get the most out of your time in Gir National Park, try the following:

A tour is the best way to enjoy the park’s privacy and see beautiful Asiatic lions in their natural environment. You can go on safari in the morning or the evening, and each time gives you a different view of the park’s wildlife.

Trails through nature and bird watching: Gir National Park is a great place for nature lovers and bird watchers to relax. By beginning your walk on one of the nature tracks, you can learn about the park’s many bird species and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Devalia Safari Park: This enclosed ecotourism area can be used instead of open car safaris. An area where people are safe can let them get close to many kinds of animals, including the Asiatic Lion.

Crocodile Breeding Farm: The crocodile breeding farm is another interesting place to visit that is close to the park. People can see these extinct animals here and learn more about the park’s attempts to protect wildlife.

Best Time Slot For Gir Safari

What are the prime hours for a Gir Safari to witness lions in their natural habitat?

Most of the time, the best times to see lions in the wild on a Gir Safari are early in the morning and late in the afternoon. These are the lions’ busiest times, so people have a better chance of seeing them.

Go on safari in the morning:

The best time for a Gir Safari is early in the morning, right after sunrise, when it’s cooler, and the lions are still busy from their hunts at night.

At this time of year, lions are more likely to be seen because they are either resting after a fight or doing social things with their pride, like grooming or playing.

The afternoon safari:

Late afternoon is the best time to go on a Gir tour because the weather starts to cool down, and the lions come out of their sleep during the hottest part of the day.

At this point, you might see the lions getting ready for activities that happen at night, like hunting or patrolling their area.

Things to think about:

While early in the morning and late in the afternoon are often thought to be the best times to see lions, keep in mind that animals can change their habits at any time.

The weather can also change how active lions are, so get the most up-to-date information from local guides or officials. Extreme heat and rain are two types of weather conditions that can change how lions act.

Tours with a Tour Guide:

Expert rangers know where and how to find lions, so going on an organized safari tour makes it more likely that you will see one.

People can get a close, safe look at the lions from these rides, which usually have open cars.

What is the best time slot to interview?

The most ideal time for job interviews is in the mornings, which is the hours between 9 am to 11 am. The mid-morning period gives the interviewer time to set the day’s priority and settle in before the meeting. The farther you go into the day it’s more likely you will have work priorities that will need attention.

Picking the best time for a job interview is very important to make sure that the candidate can focus and pay attention. It would help if you thought about the job requirements, the candidate’s plan, and the interviewer’s availability to find the best time for an interview. Everyone has a different opinion on when the best time for an interview is, but here are some things to think about to help you decide.

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Interviews in the morning can make the rest of the day better.

Think about

Candidates who have work to do early in the morning might feel rushed, which could hurt their performance.

Due to personal or professional responsibilities, some candidates may need help to make special arrangements for an early interview.

We have interviews in the afternoon.

The pros

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Applicants may find it easier to set up an interview for the afternoon as long as they don’t have any other plans that day.

Think about

People who have worked or worked out all day might need help to concentrate during an afternoon interview.

The interviewer may also need to be more focused and excited in the afternoon.

Gir Lion Safari Permit Tips

If you want to take a trip to Gujarat, India’s Gir Forest National Park, these tips will help you get a ticket and get the most out of your lion safari.


Gir Forest National Park is a popular tourist site, so make sure to plan your visit ahead of time.

A lot of people want safari passes, and they often sell out, especially from December to March, when a lot of people are traveling.

Request for a permit

To go on a lion safari, you can either get a permit online at the official website of the Gujarat Forest Department or in person at a booking office that has been accepted.

Apply for the permit as soon as the booking time opens to improve your chances of getting a slot.

Record of Identity

Bring a valid photo ID with you when you ask for the permit, like a driver’s license or passport.

Tourists from other countries need to show their IDs and any necessary visa papers.


It is best to book your lodging ahead of time, especially if you want to stay in the Gir Forest area.

There are a number of state and private resorts and lodges close to the park where tourists can stay.

Safari with a Guide

Trained guides lead the lion safari, which takes place in cars that the government has approved.

If you follow the forest department’s guidelines and directions, your safari will be safe and fun.

Respect animals.

Keep quiet and avoid making sudden movements when on safari to avoid disturbing the wildlife.

Photographers need to remember to take pictures of animals that don’t bother them.

Checks at the last minute.

Make sure you have your permit, identification, and any other tickets or reservations you may need before you leave for the trip.

Follow the rules and laws of the national park to help protect these important species.

What is the best time slot to view lions in gir

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon is the best time to see lions in Gir National Park. Lions are most busy in the morning and evening when it’s cool because that’s when they like to sleep.

Beginning of the day:

Because they are most busy in the early morning, just before sunrise, early morning safaris are the best times to see lions.

When it’s cool early in the morning, lions are more likely to be seen as they look for food or water.

In the late afternoon:

As the day goes on, the lions become more busy and often start getting ready for their hunt at midnight.

The golden light from the setting sun makes a beautiful scene for these pretty animals.

Things to think about:

Weather: It’s important to pay attention to the weather right now because lions may hide during high heat waves and take long naps during the day.

Season: The time of year can also influence the odds of spotting lions; in general, the dry season provides the best opportunities to see wildlife due to increased visibility through minimal foliage.

Go on safari with a guide:

The chances of seeing lions are higher if you go on a guided safari with experienced guides who know the lions’ habits and where they live.

Rangers can improve the watching experience and tell you important things about the lions’ habits and social interactions.

Best Time Slot For Gir Safari

As early as in the morning, the weather is pretty cool, which makes it a good time for both people and animals. Also, this is the busiest time of day for the animals, especially Asiatic lions, who are usually busier in the evening. The soft light in the early morning makes the whole experience better and also makes it easy to take pictures and watch things.

Going early in the morning lets people avoid the heat and crowds that might form later in the day. This offers a more serene and undisturbed experience in the Gir Forest’s natural ecosystem while also increasing the chance of encountering wildlife.

There is a better chance that you will enjoy and remember Gir Safari between 6:00 am and 9:00 am. Visitors can boost their chances of watching the Gir Forest’s extraordinary biodiversity and identifiable Asiatic lions by combining favorable weather, increased wildlife activity, and the calm of the early morning hours.

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